Christopher Holz

Christopher Holz is a seasoned public affairs executive with over 20 years of experience working with government decision makers and clients.  

Providing counsel at all three levels of government, he has served clients in several policy areas including energy and the environment, real estate and infrastructure development, municipal government, financial services, and health care.  Christopher has been ranked as “one of the top ten lobbyists at Queen’s Park” according to Queen’s Park Briefing, a Toronto Star publication.  

Christopher and his colleagues led a pro bono campaign for Canada’s survivors of thalidomide which received national media coverage and resulted in a unanimous vote in the House of Commons (a rare feat), and a funding agreement of over $180 million shortly thereafter to fulfil this pledge and provide survivors with ongoing tax-free support for the rest of their lives. 

In addition to his consulting experience, he previously served as a Senior Advisor to several Ontario cabinet ministers, including the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Finance, and the Chair of Cabinet.  At Queen’s Park, he was deeply involved in the province’s energy policy decision making and strategic communications, including the province’s emissions reduction strategy, decisions to refurbish and build new nuclear generation facilities, the expansion of renewables, and several conservation initiatives.  

Christopher holds a Masters of Arts from the University of Toronto, and completed research work at the University of Bath (UK) and Katholische Universitat Brabant (Netherlands). 

Clients Christopher has worked with include: The Estée Lauder Companies, The Sub-metering Council of Ontario and Cadillac Fairview.