A Victory for Municipal Rights in Ontario

When the rules are against you, sometimes the only option is to change the rules.

It might take a meeting. It might take a regulatory change. But for some clients, we need to convince a government to create new legislation. It’s a big goal, but if it’s the right strategy, we can make it happen.

In February, Municipal World Magazine published a feature article from one of our clients, Mayor Ted Comiskey and the Town of Ingersoll, Ontario. Comiskey writes about how we at Campbell Strategies were able to work with the Government of Ontario to do precisely that – create legislation that not only helped the Town of Ingersoll achieve its goal, but supported every other municipality in the province.

Our work truly was a Victory for Municipal Rights in Ontario. 

Read the article here:
A victory for municipal rights in Ontario – waste management – Municipal World

If you would like more information please contact Ted Griffith tedg@campbellstrategies.com or Chris Holz chrish@campbellstrategies.com

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