Hard work.Straight talk.Wise counsel.
Hard work.Straight talk.Wise counsel.It’s our business model.
Our clients wouldn’t have it any other way.

Seasoned experts in government relations.

At Campbell Strategies we help our clients navigate the politics and process of government decision-making in the context of business transactions or policy developments.

Through direct engagement with government decision-makers and influencers, outreach to key stakeholders, targeted and strategic communications – or a combination thereof – we approach each mandate with a fresh lens and a strategic approach tailored to the circumstance.   But there’s one constant: thoughtful advice based on research and experience.

Effective government relations is not just about opening a door or getting a meeting. Success is the result of research and appropriate engagement with public servants and key government decision-makers and influencers. Effective outreach requires the ability to develop the right message, for the right audience at the right time. It requires persistence and patience. We work at all levels of government with all levels in government to help our clients achieve their goals.Government RelationsOUR SERVICES
With backgrounds in journalism, politics, and policy, we know how to craft and disseminate a message so that it is heard and understood, whether the audience is government or the public. We develop and implement communications strategies that complement government relations initiatives and amplify our clients’ messages with local and national audiences.Strategic CommunicationsOUR SERVICES
It takes engagement and collaboration to achieve policy change. Understanding all sides of an issue is crucial to success. We bring together industry groups, policy experts, community leaders and influential voices to make an impact on public policy, whether it’s driving policy change or raising the profile of an issue. We listen to and engage with stakeholders – those who agree with our clients’ perspective and those who may hold a different view – to help our clients achieve their goals.Stakeholder ManagementOUR SERVICES
We assist our clients in being heard by government in the context of policy developments and regulatory changes that impact their business or their sector. Monitoring legislative initiatives, proposing legislative action, preparing clients for committee appearances and preparing materials to support these efforts are essential elements of our approach to engaging in policy development. We also help our clients navigate challenging regulatory developments or effect regulatory change to preserve their business model or realize business opportunities.Policy DevelopmentOUR SERVICES
Sometimes business transactions require more than just legal expertise to succeed. We help our clients navigate the complexities of the regulatory approval process, and we guide them when their transactions are the subject of heightened political attention. We help our clients get their deals done.Transaction SupportOUR SERVICES
The resolution of highly charged litigation involving governments requires a carefully calibrated government relations and strategic communications strategy to support legal strategies; in fact, a thoughtful and well-informed government relations strategy can be the key to resolution. We support corporate clients, class action counsel, citizens groups, and others in high-profile disputes that can garner significant media attention.Litigation SupportOUR SERVICES


At Campbell Strategies we speak the language of politics.

Parli is our online dictionary of Canadian political words, terms, and phrases. It covers the A to Z (pronounced as ‘zed’, of course) of Canadian political language, and its origins.

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